Transport information

Departure information

  • Bangkok: on all working days; secure containers on weekends
  • Hong Kong: twice a week
  • Singapore: twice a week
  • Taipei: twice a week
  • Tokyo: twice a week

For reasons of security we are not allowed to publish exact information such as routing and airway bill numbers.

legal advice

For all legal questions in the area of interaction between sender and receiver in the international transport chain, please visit the home page:

liability and insurance

Anyone who decides to do without freight insurance must weigh the disadvantages and losses he would suffer against the premium savings.

In the absence of freight insurance knowledge of the terms of business and transportation of the service providers along the transportation chain is essential to evaluate the risk. These can exclude risks and/or limit the contractual liability.

Business and transportation terms
have the following features in common: with regard to the user of the transportation services they

  • exclude risks
  • limit liability in the event of an accident
  • strictly regulate the redressal path

Only under gross negligence are the conditions mentioned not restricted. And what constitutes gross negligence is decided by the judge.

Handling of damage claims
Damage compensation claims are accepted by us if they are enforceable. Our invoices are payable in full when due even in the event of damage.

Freight insurance
If a transportation insurance policy has been purchased, the insurance company usually pays for the insured damage within 30 days independent of any redressal proceeds.